ALPHA COVER is a coating for roofing or other concrete elements. The coating prevents overheating of the building in the summer months. It also protects the building from heat leakage in the winter months. The coating reflects 93.5 % of TSR and up to 97 % of visible light. This contributes to significant energy savings for cooling or heating the building. It resists atmospheric influences, acid rain and other standard environmental weather conditions.

EAN 0745604060264 (18 l)
EAN 0796554909820 (5 l)

Main features

  • Coating of concrete roofing, concrete roofing, eternit, concrete, etc.
  • Coating of various concrete surfaces
  • In the winter months, it prevents heat from escaping from the building
  • In the summer months, it prevents the building from overheating and creates a pleasant climate inside
  • Significantly reduces energy costs for cooling or heating


  • Whiteness 96% - matte white
  • Possibility of colouring with water-based paste according to RAL


18 litres / 9.88 kg



ALPHA COVERTechnical data sheet
ALPHA COVERGeneral application manual
ALPHA COVERDeclaration of performance
ALPHA COVER, Reflective insulating coatings
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The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings