Reflective insulating coatings for use in the industry

THRcoating ALPHA reflective insulating coatings are finding increasing use in the energy, heating and various other industries. The coatings can be applied without downtime up to +220 °C, where a thin layer of coating can replace several tens of centimetres of conventional insulation. At the same time, these coatings can be used in the context of occupational safety and protect workers from burns or other injuries.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

The application of the coating is also possible in areas where condensation occurs during operation. The coating prevents the formation of condensed water on the surface of the equipment or object. At the same time, it prevents subsequent surface degradation by rust.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

All THRcoating ALPHA coatings are health friendly, environmentally friendly, waterborne and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Their formulation is environmentally friendly, UV resistant, non-flammable and reduces heat loss.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

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Saves energy

It is environmentally


Steam at +180°C is flowing in the pipe, the steam inside the steel pipe will pass through the steel pipe wall, but from the coating on the outer surface, most of it will be reflected back inside and the rest that reaches the inner structure of the coating will essentially not get out. This prevents unwanted heat loss to the space and also reduces the surface temperature of the pipe to ambient temperature.


Main advantages

  • application thickness of around 1 - 5 mm
  • short application time
  • application without downtime up to +220 °C
  • corrosion protection
  • prevention of condensation
  • application indoors or outdoors
  • resistance to rodents, birds or insects
  • long service life of the coating between 15 and 20 years
  • rapid inspection of defects in pipes or equipment, thus avoiding accidents

Possibilities of use

  • steam or hot water pipes
  • cold water pipes
  • storage tanks for oil and other products
  • hot oil distribution lines
  • heat exchangers
  • refrigeration equipment
  • shipping and living containers
  • boilers, tanks, industrial buildings
  • roofs and many others

How they work reflective insulating coatings?