Reflective insulating coatings for use in the households

The unique reflective and anti-mould interior coating ABAMAL for the home.

In winter it increases thermal comfort, in summer it creates a pleasant indoor climate. It prevents mould and significantly saves energy and your wallet.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

ABAMAL is a highly effective reflective insulating protective coating for use on the interior walls of your home. Resistant to dirt, resists mildew. The even distribution of heat on the wall prevents condensation of water vapour on the wall, therefore no breeding ground for micro-organisms and no mould growth. The coating is designed as internal insulation to increase the effect of reflecting heat energy from the insulated surface (wall) back into the room.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

The waterborne coating is filled with microspheres. The microspheres in a special patented binder act as an insulator on the object to be coated and block heat flow through other building structures. The thermal resistance and insulating and reflective properties produce a synergistic effect in reducing surface heat transfer. The coating has excellent insulating properties. The structure of the coating reflects and scatters most of the incoming thermal radiation and itself has a very low thermal conductivity.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

When applied to the wall surface, it creates a "coating" on the painted surface with completely unique thermal and physical properties, and can reduce energy costs for cooling or heating by tens of percent.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

The coating is specially formulated for households. It meets the most demanding requirements for modern interior coatings and helps you achieve the perfect result. You can tint it freely with common water-based pigments.

ABAMAL is non-toxic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and vapour permeable.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

Products made in
the Czech Republic

Saves energy

It is environmentally


Main advantages

  • vapour permeable
  • for domestic use on all interior walls
  • easy application
  • reduces heat loss
  • prevents thermal bridges
  • prevents mould growth
  • not harmful to health
  • colour tintable

Application options

  • walls
  • ceilings
  • attic rooms
  • garages, cellars, pantries
  • bathrooms
  • and many others

How they work reflective insulating coatings?