About ALPHA CZECH s.r.o.



ALPHA CZECH s.r.o. has been steadily building a solid position on the market and is a leader in the production of reflective insulating coatings. We cooperate with top experts and renowned research institutes. We are founding members of the Association for Reflective Coatings and Foils z.s. Every year we come to the market with a number of functional innovations. Thanks to precise and well thought-out planning, we maintain high product quality.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

Our customers

Customers are sales organizations, wholesalers or retail outlets but the main customer is the end consumer.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

Our products

Our products meet the customer's requirements in terms of design and quality. When developing our products, we always keep in mind the basic condition - not to damage and be environmentally friendly. Which we succeed in doing.


Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

Functionality of reflective insulating coatings

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