Functionality of reflective insulating coatings


THRcoating ALPHA and ABAMAL reflective insulating coatings are a modern form of insulation that, thanks to their physical properties, can effectively reflect almost all solar radiation. The coatings are used not only in the construction industry, as a replacement or supplement to conventional materials, but also in the energy, heating and various industrial sectors, for example as thermal insulation for pipeline infrastructure.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

In appearance, these coatings resemble ordinary paints. What makes them so different, however, are the microspheres of several tens of nanometres in size and the special water dispersion. The microspheres are tiny hollow spheres that hold a vacuum and can withstand more than 200 bar. Thanks to these air spheres, the radiant component in heat transfer is reduced in its reflection and emission of thermal radiation. The heat transfer through such a layer is then only by air conduction or flow, but the radiative component of the heat transfer is zero.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

The microspheres are layered on top of each other in the coating, thus locking millions of microspheres in the thin surface of the coating. These layered microspheres can reflect more than 93.5% of the incident thermal radiation and act as reflective particles. The remaining radiation is absorbed by the coating and, thanks to the microspheres, the coating has a low thermal conductivity and thus prevents heat transfer.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

The microspheres suppress the spread of heat by flow, so that heat spreads from the insulated object mainly by radiation. Once it reaches the reflective surface of the coating, 93.5% is reflected back. The remaining heat that is not reflected back is absorbed by the coating.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

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