Revolutionary reflective insulating coatings

Je nehořlavý It is non-flammable
Je šetrný k životnímu prostředí It is environmentally friendly
Je zdravotně nezávadný The surface is bacteriostatic
Odolá UV záření Resists UV radiation
Zabraňuje kondenzaci Prevents condensation

We are a manufacturing company engaged in the production of reflective insulating coatings THRcoating and ABAMAL, for industry, construction and household.

About us

The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings

Šetří spotřebu energií Saves energy consumption
Chrání zdraví Protects health
Snižuje tepelné ztráty Reduces heat loss
Odráží teplo Reflects heat
Snadno se aplikujeci Easy to apply


We are a purely Czech company engaged in the production and development of reflective insulating coatings THRcoating ALPHA and ABAMAL. The thermal conductivity of reflective insulating coatings is forty times lower than that of insulation materials based on molten minerals. They are applied to any surface by brush, roller or airless device. The coatings are segmented into industrial, construction and domestic.

In industry, coatings can be applied without downtime up to +220 °C. It protects workers from burns, while a thin layer of coating can replace several tens of centimetres of conventional insulation.

In the construction industry, our coatings are used to prevent heat from escaping from heated buildings, prevent overheating in the summer months and create a pleasant indoor climate. The coatings can be coloured and used as interior, roof or facade coatings.

The household range is applied as an interior coating, where, depending on the type of building, it is possible to save up to several tens of percent on the energy needed for heating or cooling the building.


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