Reflective insulating coatings for use in the construction


THRcoating ALPHA reflective insulating coatings are mainly used in the construction industry as facade coatings, roof coatings or interior coatings. During the summer months, the coatings are able to reflect most of the sun's radiation back into the atmosphere, thus preventing overheating of buildings. In the winter months, on the other hand, they prevent heat from escaping from the interior to the outside.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

THRcoating allows water vapour to pass through and does not allow water to enter the external structure. When used in the interior of a building, a reflective insulating coating increases thermal comfort in rooms by reflecting escaping heat back into the heated space. Reflective insulating coatings distribute heat evenly across the surface, reducing the potential occurrence and effect of surface condensation and ultimately preventing mould growth.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

All THRcoating ALPHA coatings are health friendly, environmentally friendly, waterborne and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Their formulation is environmentally friendly, UV resistant, non-flammable and reduces heat loss.

Reflexně izolační nátěrové hmoty budoucnosti

Products made in
the Czech Republic

Saves energy

It is environmentally


Main advantages

  • vapour permeable
  • use in public areas (schools, nurseries, public or food premises)
  • bacteriostatic - prevents bacterial growth
  • easy application by brush, roller or airless device
  • reduces heat loss
  • prevents mould growth
  • reflects sunlight
  • protects walls from surface condensation
  • long service life of the coating ranging from 15 to 20 years
  • application on PVC, plastics, etc.

Possibilities of use

  • facades
  • historical buildings
  • roofs
  • interior paintings
  • public spaces
  • food processing plants
  • hospitals, surgeries
  • basements, underground garages
  • residential containers and many others

How they work reflective insulating coatings?