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The product range for the construction industry is designed for the insulation of houses and public buildings. The coating works as a thermal insulation coating, anti-mould coating and for masonry rehabilitation. The coating works as a reflective coating on the exterior and works on the principle of absorbing thermal radiation and back-radiating it into the space on the interior. This makes the wall warm to the touch, acting as thermal insulation and insulating the house or building.

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The thermal insulation coating can be applied quite simply with a brush, roller or airless device. If moisture is rising in the building and the masonry is degrading, it is necessary to proceed with the remediation of the damp masonry. After the application of the coating, the masonry will not degrade and the plaster will not fall off. At the same time, the coating acts as an anti-mould coating and thermal insulation coating. The application is user-friendly and simple. The application not only ensures that the walls are painted, but also that the walls are internally insulated. The whiteness of the insulating coating is 96% and has excellent opacity. The thermal insulation coating can also be coloured in any way to your favourite shades. When applied to a property, it will heat up faster in winter and increase the temperature by approximately 6°C, reducing the boiler's heating output and saving energy significantly. Reducing the heating by just one degree means a saving of about 8% on energy. All coatings are bacteriostatic, so viruses and moulds do not breed on them. The coatings are certified by the State Institute of Health and the Technical and Test Institute. They are applicable to all public areas and in the food industry.

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The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings