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The industrial products function as a thermal insulation coating on all surfaces where surface temperatures need to be reduced. Thermal insulating coating also finds its application in the context of OHS, i.e. protection of workers from accidents in the form of burns. The coating can be applied in full operation, i.e. without equipment downtime, up to a temperature of +220 °C. It functions as a thermal insulator and thermal coating.

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At the same time, these coatings can be applied to sheet metal roofs or walls and can be used as house insulation. Ordinary thermal insulation on pipes where condensation occurs will gradually soak up water and corrosion of the material occurs under such insulation. You could even say that it is a thermal insulation coating against mould, as there is no mould growth in the area where the coating is applied. The use of reflective insulating coating is quite wide, it can be applied on roofs, halls, water tanks, fuel, and anywhere where the thermal insulation coating insulates the equipment in question to prevent energy loss. By acting as thermal insulation, the coating results in significant energy savings and CO2 reduction. When applied indoors, there is no condensation on the walls and the coating acts as internal wall insulation. All coatings are water thinnable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The thermal insulation coating can be tinted according to your requirements. The application is user-friendly and can be applied with a brush, roller or airless device. The thermal insulation coating is fully certified by the Technical and Test Institute and the State Institute of Health.

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The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings