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Reflective and thermal insulating coating that is designed for household use. The coating acts as house insulation and anti-mould coating. Coatings work indoors on the principle of absorbing thermal radiation and then radiating it back into the heated space. Reflective insulating coatings contain microspheres, which are hollow beads with a vacuum, which make the coating work as a thermal insulation coating against mould.

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If there is thermal insulation with mineral wool on the building, it and the reflective insulating coating work in perfect synergy. In the interior, it is an internal thermal insulation of the walls, the wall is warm to the touch, thermal bridges will be disturbed and the walls will not precipitate air condensation. On the physical principle of heat transfer, it is an anti-fungal coating on which no bacteria and viruses multiply, i.e. the coating is bacteriostatic. The coatings can be coloured in your favourite shades. The application is quite simple and can be done by everyone. Only a brush, roller or airless device is needed for application. The whiteness of the coating is 96% and has excellent opacity. It can be applied on all walls, plasterboard or concrete. At the same time, only painting will provide internal wall insulation. All products are fully certified by the State Institute of Health, Technical and Building Institute and can be used in the food industry. The coatings are water thinnable, ecological and health-safe.

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The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings