ALPHA INNER is an interior coating for use on the walls of residential and office buildings. Resistant to dirt, resists mould and mildew. Its properties produce a synergistic effect in reducing surface heat transfer and can thus save significant amounts of energy for heating or cooling.

EAN 0745604060233

Main features

  • Interior interior coating
  • In the winter months, it prevents heat from escaping from the building
  • In the summer months, it prevents the building from overheating and creates a pleasant climate inside
  • Significantly reduces energy costs for cooling or heating
  • Bacteriostatic


  • Whiteness 96% - matte white
  • Possibility of colouring with water-based paste according to RAL


18 litres / 9.88 kg



ALPHA INNERTechnical data sheet
ALPHA INNERGeneral application manual
ALPHA INNERDeclaration of performance
ALPHA INNER, Reflective insulating coatings
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The use of revolutionary reflective Insulating Coatings