ABAMAL Deeply penetration primer

ABAMAL Deep Penetration is a deep penetrating coating. It acts as an adhesion bridge and primer to strengthen and reduce the absorbency of the substrate material. The product is vapour permeable. Use on all mineral and concrete substrates.

EAN 0745604060288 (5 l)
EAN 0745604489812 (2 l)

Main features

  • Penetrating interior coating
  • Unification of different surfaceabsorbency
  • Reinforcement of the surface
  • Increase the adhesion of other coatings


Matte white


  • 2 litres / 2 kg
  • 5 litres / 5 kg


ABAMAL Deeply penetration primerTechnical data sheet
ABAMAL Deeply penetration primerDeclaration of performance
ABAMAL Deeply penetration primer, Reflective insulating coatings
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