Wall insulation in the apartment

Wall insulation in the apartment - ALPHA CZECH, Revolutionary reflective insulating coatings

"Don't even take the shoe rack off, it's held on by two screws, they're rusted and can't even be taken out of the wall" .. "Then we have to rip it out of the wall!"

And you can see the result of the "ripping out". This is a classic example of when you arrive at a home to insulate a flat and when you push back the tender you suddenly find mould or, as in this case, damp corners.

Insulating the flat in one day was a breeze and we had to make time for this corner the next day. It turned out great for us! Except now the pantry won't be nearly freezing even in the summer but will keep a comfortable and most importantly constant temperature. The bread stops rotting the very next day.


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As a representative of the HOA we were looking for options to reduce the energy in our house. The problem was that insulating the whole house was out of the question, we had already replaced the windows and thus there was no option where to go next. In our search we came across this site. We discussed this option at the HOA meeting and the majority agreed to at least give painting a try. A member of our HOA is a man who has been involved with insulation systems for 20 years and assured us that this material works, just unfortunately it is not yet widespread enough in our country for people to know about it. So we made an appointment for a technician to visit our house to tell us what all the options are. In the end we agreed to apply the paint in our office as a trial and I decided to paint the flat. The application date and work was very quick and even after the paint was dry, you could feel the surface responding to the temperature of your hand and the wall was pleasantly warm to the touch. I can now safely say that this was the best investment we have made today and most importantly we have the opportunity to reduce people's energy prices in our home, which we didn't have before.

Jan H. Chairman of HOA

I have a family house that is insulated and thus I didn't look for another savings option as I didn't know of any options. This year we decided to paint and while looking for a painting company I came across ALPHA CZECH and I must say I was immediately impressed with the paint. I immediately set up a consultation and discussed everything with the technician over the phone. Subsequently, the technician came to measure the house and prepared a quote for me. When I found out that it would only cost 50% more to get the paint than a traditional painting job, the decision was made. Now 6 months after the application, when the house was comfortably cool in the summer, we knew our decision was definitely the right one. I'm already waiting for the cooler months when we start heating and see the difference both temperature and financially.

Bohuslav N.

After reading the information about this paint, I was hesitant to see if it really works. I finally called and set up a consultation. The technician who came explained everything to me and really convinced me of the functionality, and most importantly the savings in heating costs, which were prohibitive for me these days. The first month after the application, I saw the result and it is really what it states. My heating has been turned down as after the energy increase, but at the same time my apartment is much warmer.

Josef R.

The purchase cost is higher than painting with ordinary paint, but the result was worth it. Although I'm not sure how fast the payback will be, but by the fact that the paint already remains on the masonry for the life of the building, the annual savings on energy and the pleasant warmth at home definitely makes up for it.

Tomáš K.

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